Bogan Bingo rescheduling and cancellation bizzo 2024

30% paid within one week of your booking. Balance:
Paid 3 weeks out from your gig.

General Terms and conditions

Outside 4 weeks of your event?

All payments are non-refundable. No exceptions*

However if more than 4 weeks notice is given for postponed/rescheduled shows, all payments are turned into credit/vouchers that are valid for 12 months.
Inside 4 weeks of your event?

 Dates for rescheduling shows are subject to availability and may incur a rebooking/cancellation fee** if we have rejected work to hold your date. Please keep in mind our performers may have also rejected other work also.

Cancelling: Cancelled shows inside the 4 week timeframe forfeit any and all monies paid with the rebooking/cancellation fee**  becoming more likely to be enforced to cover admin work and pay our performers for lost income.

*Natural disasters are about the only circumstance we automatically take, but low ticket sales are not an exception. We will perform to 3, 30 or 300 people to honour our promise to put on a great show for your community.

**The rebooking/cancellation fee is 50% of your invoiced deposit

Exceptions: Natural disasters are one thing, low ticket sales is not.



  1. The legislation that governs gaming in Australia differs from state by state so if you feel the need, please contact the right authority that can best cover the needs of your event. 
  2. For example: In Western Australia is the Gaming and Wagering Commission Act 1987. Section 107 and 109 allow for ‘permitted gaming/amusements’ (no permit required), IF the activity is not conducted for the purposes of private gain or of a commercial undertaking AND the permitted gaming is not the only substantial inducement to attend the event AND the total aggregate value of the prizes awarded is less than $200.
  3.   In simple terms, in order to ensure you don’t require a permit, you need to follow the below rules, and by agreeing to host Bogan Bingo you are agreeing to these rules:
  • You cannot sell Bingo cards, only entry tickets to the event.
  • You must use cheap novelty prizes only for our part of the show. 
  • No single prize is to have a greater value than the ticket price for the show.
  • Bingo cannot be the only ‘substantial inducement’ to attend your event. We both fulfil this clause by putting on a full show where people are encouraged to come primarily for not just our award winning show, but the Air Guitar Comps, Biggest Bogan Competition and fashion parades etc. (using our promo matrials covers this for you)
  • If you are running things like a raffle and/or a silent auction, it also helps to fulfill this clause by offering other ‘Substantial Inducements’ for punters to attend.

NOTE: If you are applying for a temporary liquor license through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries the assessing officer may ask you whether you have also applied for a Bingo/Gaming permit, or advise you that a permit is needed. Please take this advice where needed as these are often not expensive and easy to obtain.

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