Thanks for being the one who wants to organise an amazing event for your friends, work, community and/or team. We know it’s hard, and so we plan to make it easy!

Quote Details

Quote ID: BB3248

Name: Vicky Craig


Phone: 0408657246

Company: Angkor Project

State: WA

Guests: 91 - 110

Date: 24/08/2024

So what's the price?

Total Price: 1650 + GST

for shows within 25km of Perth’s CBD. (Price is for up to 150 people then it’s $5 + GST per head thereafter).

Time frame is recommended 8pm start with a 10.30pm finish, however we can start earlier if required and it works for our team.

Our DJing service is also recommended which runs for an additional 90 min following the show, so until midnight with an 8pm show start for just $330 +GST

We currently have availability on the 24th of August 2024, if you would like me to book you in, please let me know?

About the Show

What It Is

Every show is a 2 man show delivering some hilarious games of Bingo, where the numbers are cues for jokes, songs and crowd interaction focusing on Australia’s characters and great musical past.

What It Isn't

It is NOT, a night of swearing, ‘boganisms’ and putting people down. We think it’s more of a celebration of Australia’s unique ability to laugh at ourselves, and that little bit of bogan in us all.

Additional Info

What does Bogan Bingo provide

Apart from one hell of a party the team can bring ALL the sound and DJ equipment, Bingo cage, game sheets, pens and mikes. THE LOT! They’ll also double as auctioneers, DJ’s and MC’s if you wish to help raise more money on the night and we have a half time break to help you achieve your fundraising goals.

What You Need to Provide

All you need to do is organize 6 prizes to be used for Bingo winners, air guitar champions and people that get involved which is made super easy given the theme of the show.


When you pay your deposit, you get access to our promo page so you can start spruiking your event with our ready made posters, tickets and certificates to hand out to your winners.

Still need convincing?

You might be convinced but what about the committee!

Since 2005, we have now done over 5,000 shows around the world, meaning you are getting a fully trademarked, fully charged game show that is fun, interactive and easily run.

This means you can charge that little bit more than last years quiz night. Finally!!

To help sell it to the powers that be maybe check out of promo that features our stint on The Project.

Finishing Up

That’s about all for now, we’ll send a follow up email in a few days to see if you have any questions or if you’re ready to lock and load!

Do you accept?

If you have reviewed the quote and accept please let us know by dropping your name and email below.

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