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We operate in all the major states! Bring the bogans to your next event.

Just the prizes (around 5), we bring the rest.Oh, and a trestle table or some table of similar surface area.

Sure can.The show is adaptable to be done effectively, from a 900 seat theatre on cruise boats, right down to your lounge room floor or local pub.
Sorry we don’t. Venues and what they offer for group bookings change just as much as their managers. So we refrain from telling people where to do the show. The best we can do is the link we have provided on our blogs page for Melbourne venues. We do however use for shows in Adelaide The Rob Roy, in Perth is Rosie O’Gradies and in Brisbane the Sit Down Comedy Club runs Bogan Bingo at The Paddington Tavern. So there ya go. 🙂  
Our hosts are experts at reading the crowd and monitoring what’s acceptable for your clients, and tailoring the night so that everyone is happy. Having said that,  its COMEDY!!!!!!  We know in this day and age its getting harder and harder to keep everyone happy. All we promise is that we don’t say anything we wouldn’t say in from of our own mothers, and we wouldn’t say anything your kids arnt saying at school. And 99% of our clients concerns are just paranoid and put totally at easy as soon as the show starts. On your enquiry form you can nominate the type of show you want. Totally PC – Other wise my boss will kill me. Here we only use the most experienced performers who are used to corporate conditions. Slighlty PC – No F bombs, more cheeky than anything. Standard show – Swearing (if any) is always in context and not directed at anyone and no different than your standard comedy show. Drunken Sailors version – No different than the above really, its just good to know that the performers can realax and enjoy themselves too. (This probably says more about your crowd than our show 🙂
Good question. Bogan Bingo complies with all gaming laws in each state. Each state is slightly different, so feel free to ask us about any specifics. But generally speaking, you are not allowed to sell the bingo cards to raise or make money. All pub shows must be free entry, and fundraisers must charge at the door so they are paying to see a comedy show, (or “cabaret show” as the Qld. Gaming mob called us). Cash prizes are a no-no too.
No you don’t. But more and more groups are. It’s the best way to get everyone off to a great start and it saves us having to break the ice. Put it this way, you’ll be wishing you did if you don’t. TIP: Make it compulsory! Making it optional gives too many people a get out clause and the result is a lot of people wishing they had. Head to our About page and check out the Fashion Section! You can also buy cool stuff on our shop!
The CE-Ogan does, but all performers are part time legends, DJ’s, actors and creative types alike. And yes we do employ women.
No. There are many meanings today as to what it means to be a bogan. But one thing we have in common is that we all were at one stage of lives. So the night is great for bogan’s who don’t have to dress up for once, and even better for those who can step back in time and relive their youth. Note: Most of our shows are in the inner and less Bogan suburbs where people probably take themselves too seriously for a living.
Yes we do. All travel will be factored in to the prices, and accommodation may have to be supplied. Plus a couple of meals and beers just to be sure. Basically if the team have to travel more than an hour and a half, or cant be home before 1.30am, duty of care simply requires us to demand two meals and basic accom. for two.
This depends on the show. As a guide, a hens party can go for an hour, as does a work function. A fundraiser however can be stretched out for two hours as the focus is to help raise money. Corporate dinners are similar as we break the game up to fit in between meals and speeches etc.
Generally not, the pricing is more in line with any other entertainer. The price is a set performance fee up to an agreed amount. You are required to pay 40% up front (or within three weeks) to secure your booking, then you have until 3 weeks out from the date of the show to pay the balance. By them, you should know how your event is looking.
Daggy ones are the best. Bottles of Bundy, cheap champagne, sex toys (for hens nights obviously), tickets to the cinema etc. Have fun with it, raid the lost property bin or even ask the airport for lost baggage and raffle off a mystery suit case. Prizes are only limited by your won imagination, or sense of humor. Dont try do it all yourself, pick everyone’s brain for something that is cheap and easy.
Not really. The times we’ve used other peoples in house systems or PA its been either a bit of a pain or hasnt suited the show. And each time this doesnt reduce the cost anyway. We’re going to bring or PA anyway, and at least then its up to our staff, to make the right decision.

With kids, from our experience we always preferred providing our audience ‘a night off’ from the everyday responsibilities of parenting, and to be honest, its lot more work for our team to be mindful for the one off show where kids are present.

Having said that we always so no matter what shows we are doing that we are not really saying anything that your kids dont say at school anyway.

The times it has worked is when all the kids are on the one table (usualy after the first 20 minutes they have given up playing and looking at their ipads anyway, but they do make for great entertainment when they get up for the air guitar competition. Down side it it makes it a bit awkward for any grown ups to want to go up and compete with them.

So its completley up to each show, as most are fundraisers then it will work well if there are a lot children getting together for a good night around the table for some Bingo fun. Plus we are always wanting to promote the next generation of Bogans.

The only things that doesnt work is having children mixed in with adults as not only does it make it hard for ur team to read the audience, some people dont want to laugh at certain jokes whislt 10 year old kids are on their table. Somehow, it just gets weird.

zoe just booked a dodgy disco

mark just booked a bucks party

sarah just booked a hens night

kate just booked a work function

steve just booked a fundraiser