About Us

We Rock. We Know.

We're bogan entertainers, mate.

The Origin Story

In 2005, two guys got together and created a game show designed to get the entire country in touch with their inner bogan. Well, not really, Daz just decided there were too many quiz nights in town and all the open night mic. nights were going broke so he decided to throw them all together.

Now eighteen years on, and over 7000 crazy shows later, it seems the entire country is in the grips of bogan fever.

The show and its budding team of wannabe rock stars are now in all states, two countries and probably performing at a pub, festival or work function near you. So look out for Bogan Bingo, because when it comes to jumping on the bogan bandwagon, we built it!

Meet the bogans


Role: CE-Ogan

Career: Over 1500 shows from 2005 to today

Skill: Running backwards in thongs


Role: VIC Team Lead

Career: Over 900 shows from 2015 to today

Skill: Can do the show in 3 different English languages


Role: SA Team Lead

Career: Over 1000 shows from 2008 to today

Skill: Can (for some reason) fit 4 bingo balls in his mouth


Role: NSW Team Lead

Career: Over 400 shows between 2016 and now

Skill: Has worn the same uniform for 7 years straight


Role: WA Team Lead

Career: Over 500 shows from 20015 to today

Skill: Has overseen the development of two nation air guitar champions

Bogan bingo public events

We do over 300 private shows a year Australia wide. Here is just a select few that the public can attend. For your own show, get a quote for your next event.

zoe just booked her 4th hens party

mark just booked a bucks party

sarah just booked a hens night

kate just booked a work function

steve just booked a fundraiser